The Modern Nude

25 June – 6 July 2014

The Brick Lane Gallery

The human figure has long been the foremost subject in art; today the re-emergence of the nude body can be seen across a range of different mediums, from Lucian Freud’s lauded paintings to digitally rendered art. This exhibition showcases a selection of artists from the UK and abroad including France, Germany, Russia and Slovakia, exploring and examining the subject of the ‘Nude’ from varying perspectives in mixed media from paint to photography. Spanning from the soft and evocative painterly figures by D W Whitfield through to the colourful sketchy characters of Susan Harrison, in stark contrast to the realism of Konstantinos Vasileiou’s bare bodies and the colourfully comic yet socially aware portrayals of Tomas Picha, we are proud to exhibit works in a range of styles and textures truly encompassing the breadth of human experience and with both nostalgic and startlingly new interpretations expose on the everlasting subject of the human form.

Featured artists: Adam Hornsby, D.W Whitfield, Konstantinos Vasileiou, Kris Hardy, Kristian Liebrand, Susan Harrison, Tomas Picha, Yecatswolliw and Yuri Shalimov